VW Touareg

Make your Touareg perfect!

With our retrofit solutions, you can turn your VW, your Touareg, into a dream Touareg. Find missing additional equipment and retrofits which have been "forgotten" in the factory configurator!

We carry retrofit kits for the current Touareg model. Also enhance it visually. In addition to ambient lighting, floor mats such as LED footwell, door and interior lighting or black emblems such as VW symbols or R-line logos, we also offer a variety of additional retrofittable expansion options for the exterior and interior. Custom-fit for every model.

VW Touareg 3 CR Black Line Emblem R-Line für ACC
  • Touareg 3 front emblem black line
  • Including easy-to-understand assembly instructions
  • ACC / guarantee remain unaffected
  • Suitable for vehicles with automatic distance control and speed limiter
  • Car wash / weatherproof
198,50 CHF
VW Sharan 7N, Touareg 7P front emblem glossy black
  • VW emblem for the radiator grille
  • made of high quality material
  • easy & quick to attach to your grille
  • Diameter: approx. 15.5 cm
  • Colour: Glossy black / matt
  • High-quality premium paintwork
124,50 CHF
VW Touareg CR Black Front Facelift Emblem front from 2021
  • VW Badge for the Grille Touareg CR from 20.07.2020
  • easy and quick assembly
  • no restrictions in the function of the front assist / radar sensor
  • All emblems are elaborately processed in several special processes.
  • The emblem is roughened to maintain paint durability and smoothed for paintability.
  • The surface is then primed and tinted black several times to a high quality and finally sealed with clear varnish.
186,90 CHF
VW Touareg CR from 2021 emblem black for ACC
  • VW emblem for the grille 
  • Car washes and weather resistant
  • easy and quick assembly
  • no restrictions in the function of the front assist / radar sensor
  • Best possible black tinted painted VW emblem / logo / lettering for your "radiator grille" / for the "bonnet" of your Volkswagen
  • NOT FOILED - thus significantly better protection against stone chips and damage!
184,90 CHF
VW R EMBLEM lettering "R" black chrome
  • VW R lettering for the tailgate
  • 26mm height x 54mm length
  • self-adhesive backing
  • Color: shiny chrome
  • Easy construction
59,90 CHF
VW Touareg lettering emblem black gloss
  • VW Touareg lettering for the tailgate, from the latest generation of the Touareg
  • easy and quick to attach / stick on
  • with self-adhesive back coating
  • newest design
  • Color: glossy black
  • Length: approx. 23 cm
41,50 CHF
VW R-Line lettering lettering emblem black chrome
  • VW "R Line" lettering for the body
  • easy and quick to stick / stick on
  • self-adhesive backing
57,90 CHF
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