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General questions cat.1

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  • Gegen Vorkasse (Transfer. For payments from the postal account, please pay an additional fee of 1.50.) **
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 ** PLEASE MAKE PAYMENT WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS. We deliver / produce your ordered items after receipt of payment. Once your payment has been recorded, you will immediately receive an email that the order is being processed. After 7 days without receipt of payment we will send a reminder. If the amount has not been received, the order will be canceled.

If you paid by credit card, Paypal or Twint, your order will be processed immediately.

If you click on the world logo / language setting above, you can also change the currency to euros. The homepage does the conversion automatically based on the current daily exchange rate.


You can later choose in the shopping cart whether you would like to have priority or economy shipping. Choose Priority, payment by Twint or credit card, Paypal and we will process it the same day. (If ordered before 3 p.m.). This is not possible for orders outside Switzerland. 
If you need the items more urgently, please email us in advance. This way we can see what is in stock and, if necessary, deliver it to you on the same day or you can also pick it up from us. You can also activate partial shipping if you would like to have a part in advance. Use our article to do this Optional partial shipping.

On the day the goods are shipped, you will automatically receive a shipping confirmation including a tracking number.  Please just take a look at yours too Customer account to track the status of the order. We ship worldwide and generally via insured DHL or UPS shipping including proof of shipment tracking.

If an order has not yet been shipped and you need a delivery very urgently, you are welcome to contact us in writing to announce the delivery date along with the order details. We will then check as quickly as possible how we can speed up delivery even further. Please use our for this contact form.

We have our shop which we are open Monday, Friday and Saturday. You are welcome to visit us here, or pick up your order here!

Streetstylez.ch, Bömmliacker 3B, CH-8222 Beringen

Assembly questions cat.2

It is normal that the adhesive on the back of an emblem does not “stick” when it is delivered as the adhesive only activates with hot air! The surface to be glued should be free of residues and grease (wash off any polish/other items). By heating it with a standard hairdryer, the adhesive strip on the emblem is activated and can be stuck on better. After activating with a hairdryer, the adhesive becomes soft again and sticks.

To do this, heat the area of ​​the tailgate with a hairdryer; the sheet metal should be slightly warmed up.
➔ As a result, the new emblem will hold up much better. 

Now detach the supplied emblem from the carrier film - also heat up its adhesive surface.
➔ Place it on the tailgate and press it firmly.

Please note! Ideally, the ambient temperature should not fall below 20 degrees. Therefore, preparatory work with a hairdryer is an advantage.

You can mark the position of the chrome-plated lettering with masking tape and a felt-tip pen (see example image). This means you have exactly the same position for the new lettering. For vehicles without a factory emblem, the position must be determined yourself.
Heat the “old” lettering with a standard hair dryer. This will make the adhesive strip on the emblem soft and allow it to be removed. If there is any glue residue, we will use our item Glue remover, that always helps. Only when heated does the adhesive strip on the emblem become soft and can be removed.

Preparatory work! Positioning of the previous emblem:


On the back of the emblems there are barbs which hold the emblem in the radiator grille. We ourselves have NEVER had to dismantle a bumper or radiator grille to replace the emblems.
- Open the hood. (Top covers may need to be removed to access the back of the emblem.)
- Now press out the clips (= barbs) of the emblem - then you can pull the emblem out towards the front.

Push in one barb after the other to gradually lever out the emblem. You can also lever the emblem out from the front with a plastic wedge.
Please note that this dismantling method can break the clips of the chrome-plated emblem.

On the back of the emblems there are barbs which hold the emblem.
- Now press out the clips (= barbs) of the emblem, for example with a Dismantling wedge or pry a similar part.

Alternative installation for vehicles with emblems that are difficult to access (e.g. Golf 8, VW facelift models):
Remove the tailgate panel. Open the tailgate and remove the tailgate panel. Remove the warning triangle - loosen the screws behind it.
Then pull off the now just clipped panel.
Unplug the wiring harness from the existing VW emblem. Pull off the hose. Loosen the three visible screws and unscrew the currently installed VW emblem.
Also unplug the 2-pin plug. Now you can dismantle the emblem as described above. Please note that with the new VW design, emblems only have thin bars.
These have to be unclipped with some “feeling”.


We always recommend hand washing your vehicle. When visiting a car wash, please always make sure to choose a car wash with soft brushes to protect the paint/emblem. (Newer or newer car washes usually always have the new soft brushes. For older car washes, pay a little more attention)
We cannot be held liable for improper washing or cleaning with solvents or aggressive cleaners.

We recommend using our standard dismantling wedges.
You can find these under the article number: ST_TUN044. The wedges are made of plastic and are ideal for dismantling the currently installed emblems/rings or internal parts.
They are versatile!
We always use ours to remove stickers and emblem adhesive residue Adhesive remover. This removes all adhesive residue and is very gentle on painted or foiled parts.


Streetstylez.ch assumes no liability for any damage caused by improper assembly, e.g. by using unsuitable connections/assembly materials/aids/tools or assembly in vehicle models not approved by us.
Despite great care, improper installation/use can result in injuries and/or. Property damage occurs. The statutory warranty regulations apply.
In the event of any warranty claims, the system must be returned to us with the enclosed proof of purchase and a detailed description of the error.

The warranty claim expires if:
1) Improper or non-intended use or installation
2) Impact of violence
3) External damage caused by foreign bodies.

Please note
An exchange or complaint regarding emblems that have already been installed cannot be accepted. If you would like to file a complaint, this is only possible for emblems that have not yet been installed. We cannot accept any liability for damage to emblems caused, for example, by falling stones and cannot offer an exchange/replacement.


Further questions cat.3

You are welcome to use the contact form to send us a message with your wishes and the chassis number. Even if we have not listed your vehicle, we will try to fulfill your request and try to refine it as well. We are constantly developing new emblems and adding them to our range.

For many spare parts, it is imperative that you check the compatibility of the spare part with your vehicle before purchasing. You can tell this from the vehicle-specific PR numbers.
A PR number is a 3-digit code, for example “8GU” or “QG1”. This code indicates the exact equipment variant of your (vehicle) - such as a specific brake system. You can find your vehicle's PR numbers on a white sticker that is stuck in the service booklet or in the trunk of your vehicle. The exact glue point on the trunk floor depends on the model.
The sticker contains the most important PR numbers of your vehicle. If you find a reference to a specific PR number in an item description, please check whether this exact PR number can also be found on the sticker. Only in this case can you use the selected spare part for your vehicle. Otherwise the part will NOT be compatible with your vehicle.

Item numbers that are on the emblem are also helpful. This allows us to determine the associated parts directly.
Please note the compatibility with custom-made products, as these are non-returnable.

The floor mats are custom-made. Please pay close attention to your year of manufacture and vehicle type to ensure that the order is correct. Retrospective returns are not possible for custom-made items! If the item says "ONLY FOR LEFT HAND DRIVE", they are always produced that way.
Would you like your model to be made for right-hand drive? Please MUST write us an email in advance so that we can clarify whether your wish is also feasible. We can create anything for you based on a template. Send us a sample of your doormats, on wrapping paper for example. cut out. We can then make these for you.

We can make the doormats you want. However, we don't have approval for right-hand drive vehicles for your model, which means we don't have the molds to manufacture it.
However, we have created many custom doormats based on your specifications.
There are now two options.
Option A : you send us a picture with the measurements of the floor mats as accurately as possible.
Option 2 : you send us a template so that we can then produce it. (See an example image)
We also need your exact vehicle type, year of manufacture and model shape


We do not have telephone support. This is because we have a purely online shop and we want to remain cost-effective. We have therefore currently saved one employee for purely support processing. Write to us using the contact form or email / or NEW via WHATTSAPP with your questions. We try to process these as quickly as possible.
Please be patient, we are trying to get everything under one roof. We ask for your understanding that inquiries about orders can ONLY be answered by email.
Please only send dealer inquiries to us using the contact form. We have already listed our conditions for dealers in our shop.
Here is the link to it.

You can also contact us Facebook or Tiktok / Instagram consequences. There we upload pictures, videos and other information about us and the articles. You are welcome to send us pictures or videos of your vehicles. We will be happy to publish these on our channels, with your consent. Follow the links or contact us via Mail