Range Rover

11-​piece dismantling tool, soft plastic
  • 1x disassembly set with plastic disassembly wedges
  • for damage-free dismantling of trim parts, plastic clips, covers, rear-view mirror glasses, etc.
  • perfect for use in hard-to-reach places and on painted surfaces
  • Wide range of applications thanks to a large number of different dismantling tools
  • 11 pieces
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic lever for all common applications.
39,90 CHF
Range Rover lettering emblem front / rear glossy black
  • Range Rover / Land Rover lettering
  • Colour: glossy black
  • Size letters: approx. 45mm x 50mm
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • Highlight on the vehicle
62,90 CHF
Range Rover SVR Emblem black / red
  • Range Rover metal emblem
  • Size approx 120mm x 70mm
  • With black SV and red R
  • Self-adhesive
32,50 CHF
Street 44 odor killer for car handovers / sales
  • Neutralizes all odors.
  • Creates a pleasant fresh scent.
  • Binds odors within seconds.
  • Our favorite product for final processing of our customer vehicles
  • Swiss production
30,53 CHF
Street 66 GLUEEX.LeimEX adhesive remover
  • Effortless removal of glue, resin and adhesive residue.
  • Wonderfully gentle on paintwork
  • Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Our favorite product for removing emblems and their adhesive residue
  • Swiss production
44,31 CHF
Street 6A rim cleaner
  • Loosens stubborn dirt, removes all brake dust.
  • Makes the rim shine like new.
  • ​Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Our favorite wheel cleaning product
  • Swiss production
23,50 CHF
Street 6B Rust Remover
  • Gentle removal of rust and flash rust.
  • Also suitable for paint surfaces.
  • Excellent cleaning on vertical surfaces.
  • Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Swiss production
19,90 CHF
  • High-end gloss seal
  • Ceramic nano glass protective coating
  • absolute beading (water beading effect)
  • Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Swiss production
39,73 CHF
Street Acid-free wheel cleaner 6N Rim Cleaner
  • Acid-free rim cleaner
  • For removing stubborn dirt.
  • Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Our favorite product for cleaning sensitive rims
  • Swiss production
19,90 CHF
Street paint care of the Superpolish 3in1 S9 Marina Polish Super 3
  • Paint care of the Superpolish 3in1.
  • Optimum deep shine and easy to rub off thanks to natural wax and bonded silicone.
  • Saves several work steps.
  • Our favorite product for finishing our vehicles
  • Swiss production
37,50 CHF
Street Pre-Wash Premium Pre-Cleaner P43
  • Alkaline power pre-cleaner
  • For pre-removal for vehicle wash systems.
  • In a 1 liter street pack
  • Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Our favorite product for pre-cleaning our vehicles
  • Swiss production
17,69 CHF
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