Range Rover

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  • 1x disassembly set with plastic disassembly wedges
  • for damage-free dismantling of trim parts, plastic clips, covers, rear-view mirror glasses, etc.
  • perfect for use in hard-to-reach places and on painted surfaces
  • Wide range of applications thanks to a large number of different dismantling tools
  • 11 pieces
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic lever for all common applications.
39,90 CHF
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  • Acid-free rim cleaner gel
  • For removing stubborn dirt.
  • Spray on, leave to take effect, rinse off with a strong jet of water
  • Our favorite product for cleaning HIGH QUALITY rims
  • The TIP for Auto TUNERN
19,10 CHF
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  • Range Rover metal emblem
  • Size: 120 x 70mm
  • With black SV and red R
  • Self-adhesive backing
43,90 CHF
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  • Can be charged directly to your customer account
  • Unlimited availability
  • No time limit / expiration
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from 2.200,00 CHF
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  • Neutralizes all odors.
  • Creates a pleasant fresh scent.
  • Binds odors within seconds.
  • Our favorite product for final processing of our customer vehicles
  • Swiss production
31,53 CHF
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  • Effortless removal of glue, resin and adhesive residue.
  • Wonderfully gentle on paintwork
  • Small value pack
  • Advantage, only a few drops are enough!
  • Swiss production
  • Our favorite product for removing emblems and their adhesive residue
6,90 CHF
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  • Loosens stubborn dirt, removes all brake dust.
  • Makes the rim shine like new.
  • ​Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Our favorite wheel cleaning product
  • Swiss production
23,50 CHF
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