Make your Seat Perfect!

With our retrofit solutions you can turn your Seat into a dream Seat. Find missing additional equipment and retrofits which have been "forgotten" in the factory configurator!

We carry retrofit kits for the current Seat Model. Also enhance it visually. In addition to ambient lighting, floor mats such as LED footwell, door and interior lighting or black emblems such as Seat symbols or R-line logos, we also offer a variety of additional retrofittable expansion options for the exterior and interior. Custom-fit for every model.
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  • 1x disassembly set with plastic disassembly wedges
  • for damage-free dismantling of trim parts, plastic clips, covers, rear-view mirror glasses, etc.
  • perfect for use in hard-to-reach places and on painted surfaces
  • Wide range of applications thanks to a large number of different dismantling tools
  • 11 pieces
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic lever for all common applications.
39,90 CHF
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  • Acid-free rim cleaner gel
  • For removing stubborn dirt.
  • Spray on, leave to take effect, rinse off with a strong jet of water
  • Our favorite product for cleaning HIGH QUALITY rims
  • The TIP for Auto TUNERN
19,10 CHF
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  • Seat CUPRA lettering for the tailgate
  • easy and quick to attach/stick on
  • Visually enhances the rear of the vehicle
  • self-adhesive backing
  • Color: high-gloss black, shiny chrome
  • Length: approx. 39.8 cm
  • Original refined emblem
158,90 CHF
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  • Seat CUPRA lettering for the tailgate
  • exclusive emblem of the CUPRA model
  • easy and quick to attach / stick on
  • self-adhesive back coating
  • Color: copper
  • Length: approx. 31 cm
129,90 CHF
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  • Original Seat Taracco lettering
  • High-quality black finish
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • easy and quick to attach/stick on
  • self-adhesive backing
  • Color: Glossy Black
116,90 CHF
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  • Take advantage of 12% discount through credit
  • Can be charged directly to your customer account
  • Unlimited availability
  • No time limit / expiration
  • Article received 12% cheaper
  • Immediately available / without limit
from 2.200,00 CHF
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  • Effortless removal of glue, resin and adhesive residue.
  • Wonderfully gentle on paintwork
  • Small value pack
  • Advantage, only a few drops are enough!
  • Swiss production
  • Our favorite product for removing emblems and their adhesive residue
6,90 CHF
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  • Neutralizes all odors.
  • Creates a pleasant fresh scent.
  • Binds odors within seconds.
  • Our favorite product for final processing of our customer vehicles
  • Swiss production
31,53 CHF
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