Porsche Cayenne

A visual highlight for your Porsche. The high-quality Porsche emblems in black glossy / matt. They give your Porsche that sporty something!
We carry retrofit kits for the current Porsche model. Also enhance it visually. In addition to ambient lighting, floor mats such as LED footwell, door and interior lighting or black emblems such as symbols logos, we also offer a variety of additional retrofittable expansion options for the exterior and interior. A perfect fit for every model. Would you like to find out more about our emblems? Or do you have any further questions about our custom made emblems? You can contact us at any time. We look forward to your inquiry.
Original pic
  • Rubber pad for hood emblem
  • + Self-tapping nut
  • Easy exchange
19,30 CHF
Sample Pic
  • Porsche Cayenne lettering for the tailgate
  • Visual highlight at the rear of the vehicle
  • Emblem with self-adhesive backing
  • simple and quick assembly
  • Color: Black matt / Silky shine
  • Original refined emblem
from 109,90 CHF
Sample Pic
  • Cayenne S rear emblem
  • The emblem comes with the factory self-adhesive
  • Back supplied for easy installation.
  • Color: Satin Aluminum
  • Size: 335mm x 60mm
73,90 CHF
Original pic
  • 1x disassembly set with plastic disassembly wedges
  • for damage-free dismantling of trim parts, plastic clips, covers, rear-view mirror glasses, etc.
  • perfect for use in hard-to-reach places and on painted surfaces
  • Wide range of applications thanks to a large number of different dismantling tools
  • 11 pieces
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic lever for all common applications.
39,90 CHF
Original pic
  • excellent 4in1 ONE-STEP high-performance technology
  • medium grinding distance (3000)
  • Fine polishing and hologram removal
  • Deep shine and long-term wax sealing
  • Silicone-free, can be painted over
  • Anti-dust, anti-splash and anti-blocking technology
  • no drying, can be processed over large areas
  • environmentally friendly recipe
82,10 CHF
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