dealer information

dealer information

Companies from the car / tuning / workshop area can register with us as dealers. The basic requirement is a professional company with a registered company in the field of car tuning / sales / service.

Please create a customer account under the company name here and then contact us using the contact form so that we can activate you as a dealer.

Benefits your garage will get from working with us:

+ Large range of items in our shop.
+ We would also be happy to create a one-off product for you
+ Contemporary presentation options
+ Placement of new customers for assembly requests to you

We have a cashback system. From a purchase value of 1501 CHF you will receive a credit in your customer account for your next purchase of 1501 CHF or more. The following applies: the more sales, the higher your discount will be! The possible discount depends on the sales achieved per quarter (= 3 months / net). The credit will be issued after the end of the quarter. Discounts are divided into five levels:


Level 0*  Unfortunately no discount is possible

 0 to 1.500 CHF
 Sales per quarter
 Level 1
 1.501 - 7.500 CHF
 Sales per quarter
 Level 2
 7.501 - 75.000 CHF
 Sales per quarter
 Level 3

 75.001 - 150.000 CHF
 Sales per quarter
 Level 4
from 150.001 CHF
 Sales per quarter





















*Please also note:

Unfortunately, we cannot grant dealer conditions for one-off orders or for commercial customers who do not clearly fit our business area! After your first order, we will upgrade your customer account to a merchant account based on your information. Please also note our article 12% discount. We have created an additional savings opportunity for our loyal regular customers. No price adjustments can be made retroactively for orders that have already been placed!
The regulation regarding our dealer conditions does not apply to items that have already been discounted or are on sale. The current promotional price always applies to these items.

* Last updated November 04, 2023 *