Real carbon

Carbon is an outstanding material that offers countless areas of application. We have specialized in your wishes in the field of vehicle design, with which we refine products with real carbon for you. 
Audi RS3 (8PA) lettering grille black + real CARBON
  • Custom-made Audi RS3 lettering for the radiator grille of the Black Edition
  • exclusive highlight on the front of the vehicle
  • Colour: glossy black, red + REAL CARBON
  • Special order / production
  • Last item. No more production

specified for the following vehicles:

  • Audi RS3 (8PA)
175,90 CHF
Street Acid-free wheel cleaner 6N Rim Cleaner
  • Acid-free rim cleaner
  • For removing stubborn dirt.
  • Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Our favorite product for cleaning sensitive rims
  • Swiss production
19,90 CHF
Street 6B Rust Remover
  • Gentle removal of rust and flash rust.
  • Also suitable for paint surfaces.
  • Excellent cleaning on vertical surfaces.
  • Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Swiss production
19,90 CHF
Street 66 GLUEEX.LeimEX adhesive remover
  • Effortless removal of glue, resin and adhesive residue.
  • Wonderfully gentle on paintwork
  • Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Our favorite product for removing emblems and their adhesive residue
  • Swiss production
44,31 CHF
  • High-end gloss seal
  • Ceramic nano glass protective coating
  • absolute beading (water beading effect)
  • Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Swiss production
39,73 CHF
Street paint care of the Superpolish 3in1 S9 Marina Polish Super 3
  • Paint care of the Superpolish 3in1.
  • Optimum deep shine and easy to rub off thanks to natural wax and bonded silicone.
  • Saves several work steps.
  • Our favorite product for finishing our vehicles
  • Swiss production
37,50 CHF
Street 44 odor killer for car handovers / sales
  • Neutralizes all odors.
  • Creates a pleasant fresh scent.
  • Binds odors within seconds.
  • Our favorite product for final processing of our customer vehicles
  • Swiss production
30,53 CHF
Street 6A rim cleaner
  • Loosens stubborn dirt, removes all brake dust.
  • Makes the rim shine like new.
  • ​Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Our favorite wheel cleaning product
  • Swiss production
23,50 CHF
Street Pre-Wash Premium Pre-Cleaner P43
  • Alkaline power pre-cleaner
  • For pre-removal for vehicle wash systems.
  • In a 1 liter street pack
  • Inclusive VELA spray head black/white
  • Our favorite product for pre-cleaning our vehicles
  • Swiss production
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