Renault Megan, Clio, Scenic Front Emblem black piano lacquer / matt
  • Renault Megan front emblem
  • 100% perfect fit and refined by Streetstylez
  • for vehicles without a reversing camera system
  • Color: black matt / black high-gloss
  • OEM 628905855R
from 187,50 CHF
Renault Megan rear emblem black piano lacquer / matt
  • Renault Megan rear emblem
  • 100% perfect fit and refined by Streetstylez
  • for vehicles without a reversing camera system
  • Color: black matt / black high-gloss
  • OEM 908896596R
from 136,50 CHF
Renault Megane Sport RS rear emblem
  • Original Renault RS emblem
  • Size 120mm x 20mm
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • Fast, easy assembly
86,50 CHF
Velour Fussmatten für Renault Megane IV
  • Surface: 100% velor +++
  • Colors: seam color & border colors selectable
  • Underside: rubberized (non-slip & waterproof)
  • Logo selectable
  • Renault Mégane IV (2016–2020)
from 139,50 CHF
11-​piece dismantling tool, soft plastic
  • 1x disassembly set with plastic disassembly wedges / 11 pieces
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic lever for all common applications.
37,95 CHF
Street Acid-free wheel cleaner 6N Rim Cleaner
  • Acid-free wheel cleaner for removing stubborn dirt.
19,90 CHF
Street 6B Rust Remover
  • Gentle removal of rust and rust film. Also suitable for lacquer surfaces. Excellent cleaning on vertical surfaces.
  • Swiss production
19,90 CHF
Street 66 GLUEEX.LeimEX adhesive remover
  • Effortless removal of glue, resin and adhesive residue. Wonderfully gentle on paintwork.
  • Our favorite product for removing emblems and their adhesive residue
  • Swiss production
43,00 CHF
77S SIOUX SPRAY is an innovative high-end gloss sealer for your automobile using a ceramic-nano-glass protective coating in a sprayable form. With a long service life, the paint becomes resistant to mechanical stresses as well as to soiling and all kinds of weather influences (UV rays, salts, acids, oxidation, etc.). The coated surface is maximally water and dirt repellent.
36,50 CHF
Street paint care of the Superpolish 3in1 S9 Marina Polish Super 3
Paint care of the Superpolish 3in1.
Optimal deep gloss and easy to rub off thanks to natural waxes and bound silicones.
Saves several work steps.
37,50 CHF
Street 44 odor killer for car handovers / sales
Neutralizes all odors. Creates a pleasant fresh scent. Binds odors within seconds.
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from 25,00 CHF sticker rainbow hologram windshield
  • Self-adhesive back coating
  • Hologram rainbow foil
  • Size 410mm x 80mm
  • For windshield, fenders, rear window
  • Absolute eye-catcher
5,25 CHF
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